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For Your Next Video Project

Using green screen technology is one of the most effective and cost efficient methods of producing high quality video. Renting our green screen for your project will allow you to use special effects, add custom backgrounds, and more! Green screen technology is great for motion capture, too!

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Green Screen for Rent

Our green screen is pre-lit, giving you the highest quality results in a shorter amount of time.



Why Rent a Green Screen?

Renting the Pixel Productions green screen studio is perfect for those who want to shoot at a desired location, but may not be able to financially go there. With the green screen, clients will have the flexibility to insert unique and exciting backgrounds.

Don’t have backgrounds to use? Not a problem! Our video production team will scout out the best backgrounds for you, either real-world backgrounds or digital backgrounds.

What Makes Our Green Screen Studio Rental Different?

Most green screens are flat against one wall. The Pixel Productions green screen is positioned in a corner with coved edges for seamless integration into your video. Not only can you shoot straight-on the subject, but your director can move and re-position cameras, or use multiple angles to achieve the desired effect. Because of the coved cyclorama wall, video shot with our green screen will give you the most realistic video available.

About Pixel Productions

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