4 Essential Must Have Camera Accessories

There are a few essential items every cameraman needs to have on hand at all times.

1. Batteries

Without batteries you cant record, it is that simple. Be sure to invest in high quality batteries (and bring extras) to ensure you do not run out of power half way through a shoot.

2. Storage

Running out of storage is like running out of gas in a car, you have no where to turn. Always have additional memory cards for storage (or DV tapes if that is what you are into).

3. Camera Monitor

If you plan on taking this profession seriously, one vital accessory in any videographer’s camera bag is a quality monitor. There are a variety of cameras out there, all of which have some form of screen to view your picture with. But most times these LCD’s are not quite good enough to get the job done. The main reason for this of course is size. Most onboard monitors offer only about 2 to 3 inches worth of screen estate, which can affect the quality of your picture by making you adjust the settings incorrectly i.e the white balance. A bigger monitor allows you to see more detail in what you are about to shoot enabling you to get a better shot. As the good videographer that you are, you want the best possible picture you can get.

4. Tripod

Fourth on this list is a tripod. Now, I’m going to come at this from another angle because as a videographer, having a tripod is a must have. Some amateur filmmakers think they can settle using cheap knock offs, but I couldn’t disagree more. There are a number of reasons why you should use a tripod, the most important one being quality. Here are three things you want to look for when buying a tripod:

  • A quality tripod head is the single most important part of your tripod. A good starting point is getting yourself a decent fluid head. They offer smooth, steady motion, and depending on sophistication can be quite affordable.
  • Maximum Load Capacity is something you want to definitely take into account. This of course depends on what is getting mounted on to the camera. So make sure you weigh your camera with your heaviest accessories attached and then make your purchase.
  • Build Quality (material, leg locks) is also important and is what most times makes the difference in price. Tripods typically come in magnesium, aluminum, and carbon fiber with this last one being the lightest in weight. But don’t just buy the lightest tripod because it is the easiest to carry around. The strength of it is more essential. These three different materials vary in strength, especially when it comes to the legs, so make sure to find the best tripod for you and your camera at the right price.

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