5 Film making Apps for iPhones and iPads

Nowadays, people find use in smartphones more than ever before. From games, to internet, to even producing a film, there’s always an app for that. Professional filmmakers have been continually using film making iPhone apps in creating their films and productions on set. Here are 5 simple apps that can help you produce a film:

1. DSLR Slate
No slate? No Problem! While the traditional slates are becoming a thing of the past, the DSLR slate app is useful for creating the same effect from your iPhone. This app is becoming a standard preference for all filmmakers as well as editors in post in all production types.

2. ProPrompter
The ProPrompter app is as useful on set as a traditional scrolling teleprompter. You can easily download your script right onto the app and even edit it through the software. The ProPrompter app is becoming more common on production sets all over the nation from students, to lecturers, to film making professionals.

3. Final Cut Pro Field Guide
This app is highly recommended for editors using Final Cut Pro. The apps has very useful troubleshooting information and can guide you through any issues you may face as an editor in the field. It also provides you with the ins & outs of the program such as keyboard shortcuts and other useful editing tips.

4. Screenplay
Screenwriting made portable! The Screenplay app has made screenwriting easier than ever, making it possible to write screenplays directly on your smartphone. This app is used by all types of screenwriters, both professionals and students.

5. Storyboard Composer
As the world’s first mobile storyboard app, the Storyboard Composer allows you to lay out and arrange images the way you want to display them. It is an easy way to plan your shots ahead of time in the pre-production phase. The app also allows you to add notes and scene descriptions right on the panel, making it useful when you’re planning and storyboarding on the go.

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