5 Reasons to Use Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock has been recently making more waves in the filmmaking community. Adobe collaborated with Skycar Creative a moving picture company, for the project titled Depth of Field. Adobe asked them to craft three short videos on creativity and the catch, only using images from the Adobe Stock library. Seems impossible but with Adobe Stock’s massive library and new updated features for selecting stock footage, working through Adobe Stock has never been easier. Typically when it comes to using stock footage for film projects it’s looked upon as taboo, as if the filmmakers work is somehow less original. However, using stock footage can be an essential tool to enhancing a filmmaker’s work. Here are five reasons why you should be using Adobe Stock.

  1. The Vast Library
    Adobe offers a huge library of 55 million images, videos, and graphics. With their library continuously growing there are a range of high quality visual content for artists to select from.
  2. Adobe Stock software allows uninterrupted creativity.
    With the new functionality of searching for photos within the application, users can now grab stock photos without interrupting their workflow. Users can search the Adobe Stock library in Photoshop, select their images and purchase the photo all within the app. No more going back and forth between website and workspace.


  1. Saves Time
    When you’re pressed for time and unable fit last minute shots into your shooting schedule using stock footage can be your saving grace. With Adobes vast library there are many different categories of content to choose from conveniently ready to use when needed.
  2.  Saves Money
    As stated above fitting pickup shots into your schedule can be tedious and can dip into your budget. Using stock footage helps reduces that cost, allowing you too use the money you would have used for shooting, on other parts of production.


  1. Supporting Fellow Filmmakers
    Using stock footage is a simple way to help support other filmmakers. It’s easy to forget that the stock footage that we do use for our projects are produced by other professional filmmakers. Filmmakers that are just as talented and experienced as the ones using their footage.

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