Benefits of a Green Screen in your Production

Green-Screen1Whether shooting a company video, interviews, a script or any type of professional video, utilizing a green screen is the way to go. There are many benefits to a green screen to produce clean, precise and creative shots. Below are a few reasons to use one:


With a green screen, you are able to shoot in locations that might otherwise be too difficult to get a camera crew to. The ability to choose any background and place is one of the greatest appeals to the green screen.

Saves Time

The green screen means that you will not waste time sending crews to locations, adjusting lighting or any of those tasks. It also means that you don’t need to spend time setting up or even building a set from scratch.


If you are trying to do a video that requires a consistent background, then the green screen is perfect. Interviews or corporate videos, for example, can be shot on the same background with the same lighting and with a consistent and professional look.


The background of a video doesn’t always need to be a location either. A green screen can be utilized if your company or video would benefit from a background that shows the image of your logo, your brand or your company colors. This type of background for a promotional video can be used as a consistent marketing scheme.

Extended Usability

Shooting on a green screen also means that you can go back to the footage and change the background, if necessary. This is particularly useful if your company changes logos, colors or any aspect that may need to be redone. You can also shoot more footage and easily add it into an existing video and still maintain the look of the video.

Cheaper Costs

For the production company, and for your own pocket, a green screen will be a lower cost option then building a set or going on a site.

But be warned, a green screen without a team that knows how to shoot and place the chosen background will not lead to a good video. With the advantages of a green screen and a professional team behind you, your video can be built from scratch beautifully.

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