Best type of video for your company

photo courtesy of USFWS Pacific Southwest Region via flickr What’s the big deal about having video and how can it really benefit your already booming company?

Business is great, your products or services speak for itself, and you have a good amount of business strictly from word-of-mouth.  If that is the place your business is in, it is more reason to have video now. Keep the momentum going by showing everyone how well you’re doing and that is by showing them happy satisfied customers.

A satisfied customer is the best customer for testimonial videos and you know testimony is huge nowadays. Think about it, before you purchase an item, before you invest in a service you might do a little research, but more than likely the number one thing you’ll weigh your decision on is, what did people have to say about it. You will yelp it, look at customer reviews, customer satisfaction ratings, how many stars it received, etc. Point is we are in a time where consumers hold a lot of power so why not use that to your advantage and capture all of the positive things satisfied customers have to say about your product or service on video. That is if they agree to be on video (most people would jump at the opportunity for their “one second of fame”).

A happy customer is the best (most trusted) marketer you could possibly have.  Not only is this customer going to tell friends and family about your amazing services or products, but now you have genuine testimony on video of a satisfied customer that you can use for your marketing efforts. The cost of creating a testimony video is incomparable to the amount of positive exposure and potential clients you will gain.

Remember, just because your business is currently booming doesn’t mean it will continue to stay afloat, so take advantage of your company’s success now and ride the wave as long as you can.

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