Casey Neistat: An Inspiration in Video Production and Life

If you don’t know who Casey Neistat is, you have been missing out.  He is a brilliant vlogger and filmmaker with a wonderful perspective on life.  He uses his Youtube platform to share his everyday life with his viewers, give advice, and showcase positivity and adventure.  Casey had a very hard upbringing, but he never let that stop him from achieving his goals.  He decided to follow his dreams, never give up, and take risks.  He made a short film that got a lot of attention titled “iPod’s Dirty Secret,” and it all went up from there. He now lives in New York City with his beautiful family and uses Youtube as his platform to showcase his work.  

Looking at Casey’s work with a film making eye, it is very impressive.  Compared to a lot of the other film making work you see by vloggers on YouTube, Casey has a very distinct style. His talent is shown through his work so vividly, that he does not even need a lot of gear to showcase his artistry. Casey even says himself that to be a creator, you don’t need expensive gear, you just need to have the passion and motivation to create.  While Casey does use 4k cameras, DSLR cameras, and a drone, he does not feel the need to always look for the next best thing, he uses what works best for him.   If you are a filmmaker in need of some inspiration, please go check out Casey’s Youtube channel.  You will be able to find a lot of brilliant life advice as well as beautiful cinematic shots that might spark the creativity that you need.

Check out this video below where he talks about his life motto and what motivates him.

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