Commercial Video Production Shoot for We-O

Pixel productions recently worked with We-O, a wireless headset technology company, to create their very first promotional video for a product. The goal of this video was to show the public the technology We-O designed, and showcase the wireless headset to the world.

We-O designed a unique set of headset for people on the go, so they no longer have to worry about their headset cords getting caught in their clothes during an important phone call, or falling out while they are in the middle of exercising.

20141218_110207Through the video production process, Pixel Productions created a comprehensive script that shows the various uses of the We-O headset. From there, we created a storyboard and shot list, and working with Jeff Champ, the designer of the We-O headset, we brought the ideas to life.

Using two models from the Willow Agency, we created an office setting, a social setting, and a workout setting, to show the different ways a We-O headset can be used. In the office we depicted a busy worker leaving his phone on his desk while getting a glass of water. He was able to use the We-O headset to continue to make business calls while going about his busy day. Later, we filmed a man and woman meeting for coffee outside a beautiful café. While they were busy going about their life, they used the We-O headset to stay connected with the world around them. For the last shot of the day, the man and woman were filmed exercising wearing the We-O. While many headsets tend to fall out of your ears while you work out, We-O’s unique design keeps them in place.

Pixel Productions used a Black magic 4K pocket camera to capture the beauty of each scene. Using the Black Magic camera, we were able to achieve a shallow depth of field that really allowed focus on the design and use of the product while maintaining a soft, pleasing background in the video. With a set of florescent lights to balance the natural light outside, we were able to light the office scenes in a way to make it bright and stylized.20141218_115243

Pixel Productions often works with start-up technology companies in the San Diego area to fulfill this type of video production service, or any others they may need.

We work hand in hand with the CEOs and executives of a company to find out exactly who they are trying to reach, and what message they would like to get across in their commercial video. We immerse ourselves in the history and culture of the company to write a script that is concise and detailed enough to educate the viewer, while also keeping them entertained and engaged.

When the script is approved, we move directly into the production phase. Pixel Productions employs highly trained film production professionals with backgrounds in various types of film and media production. Combined with the latest technology in film and video production, the Pixel team gets to work on production, turning the words in the script into video. Once production is wrapped, Pixel pieces together the video in the post production room, adding any music, voiceover, and animations needed.

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