DIY Tilt Lenses

There are countless ways to modify your camera for unique and beautiful shots. We’ve shown a way to white balance your camera with household items. But now it seems that photographers everywhere have come up with new innovative ways to get better, inimitable photos.

One of the many mindblowingly creative methods we’ve come across is the DIY tilt lens. This method of acquiring a tilt lens is done with part of a showerhead.

This trick works with the part of the showerhead that lets you move and adjust the angle. This, along with some glue, a latex glove and zipties tie the entire thing together for your lens. Everything put together as shown in the original tutorial ( Some of these photos are beautiful and unique to your use and utilization of this DIY!

If you don’t seem to have a showerhead on hand or just want to use a different method to achieve this look, there are many other options as well.

There are some tilt lenses made from the inner tube of a bicycle, pipe coupling or other random at home equipment  including a plunger!

Make sure to do some research on the best type of lens for the kind of work you will be doing you’re your camera. There are different types of DIY projects that have been distinguished as better for free form photography versus video.

But remember; perform these modifications at your own risk! Make sure that you are careful with your camera body when it is open to the air as well as careful with the back of your lens and the mirror in your SLR. The possibilities are endless and the effects are unmatched if you are daring enough to venture with these tutorials. Try out some of these methods and see for yourself how yours turn out. If it doesn’t work you can always hire a professional!



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