Dressing for the Camera

     Wearing the right clothes on camera is important in production.  The people on camera want to look good, the editors want an easy time color-correcting, etc.  Knowing exactly which colors look best on camera is very important and can save a lot of time in the long run.

     First of all, it is always important to wear tighter clothing, because looser clothing can add weight.  The camera will already add a little weight to the body, so it is important not to wear anything to accentuate that.

     Patterns are usually tricky, because it can be distracting on camera.  If the person on camera is going to wear a pattern, simple or subtle patterns are always the best, the focus needs to be on the person, not the clothing.

     The color black can also be difficult on camera because it might add undesired shadows to the face, which may be unflattering.  With the right lighting it could work, but safe is better than sorry.

     Sparkly, shiny, or jeweled clothing are also a problem when it comes to production.  These fabrics are usually very unflattering and are lighting’s worst enemy.  These fabrics can reflect all the lights causing unpredictable outcomes.  Editors will also get frustrated with these fabrics, because they usually require a lot of correction, because sequins and sparkles can sometimes cause shadows and reflections in the background and on the face.

     Pastels have a tendency to wash people out and make people look very pale.  Pastels can look good on people with darker skin tones, but overall, it is best to just avoid colors such as lavender, pale yellow, seafoam green, light pink, etc.

     The BEST colors to wear on camera are colors in the jewel tone range: maroon, dark purple, dark green, navy and dark blue, etc.  These colors are flattering to almost all skin tones and look excellent on camera.

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