Filming a succesful Crowdfunding video

On set of a crowdfunding production.
On set of a crowdfunding production.

Today more and more filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, and inventors are looking towards the peer to peer and crowdfunding platform to get the funds for their latest project. Thousands of companies and people have used this resource to get the backing to get their feet off the ground, and some of them have gotten million of dollars of investing due to an interesting video that went viral.

When creating a crowdfunding video there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Who is the video for? Is this a funny video that you want to go viral in the hopes the public will invest their hard earned dollars? Or is the video for Angel investors to provide the first round of funding for your company. Depending on the answer to this, your video will be drastically different. A funny, comedic video will be good for the public, but serious investors will quickly look away. On the other hand, a serious, business oriented video may not get as much viral attention as something funny.
  2. What message do you want to get across? Do you want people to learn about your newly launched company, or learn about a product? Do you want them to invest in your company, or do you want them to learn about a cause? The overall message is important to remember.
  3. What is the budget for your video? Even a simple video takes a lot of time writing the script. On top of that you need to scout locations, find talent, and go through with the actual shoot.

Keep these three simple but important things in mind when you are planning your video production for your Kickstarter video or Indiegogo video production. Pixel Productions can help you with anything you may need in terms of developing ideas, filming, and editing.

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