How Can Video Impact Your Website?

Using video on your website is a great way to connect with viewers and present your company or brand in a professional, interactive way. The use of video, in addition to graphic design and photography, creates visual appeal on your website and has the power to quickly grab the attention and impress a large audience.  The three main reasons why you should embed a video to your website include:

  • Provides a Dynamic Introduction
  • Statement of Your Company
  • Details Your Products

Dynamic Introduction

To create a dynamic introduction to your website, a 30 second to 2 minute highlight video works best. This short video includes a montage of interviews, photographs, music, graphics and broll, which is scripted to promote the benefits and features of your company. This video will also provide a direction for viewers on how to navigate your website. The video will also increase the amount of time they stay on your page, which can provide added benefits for search engine results pages.

Statement of Your Company

Another reason to embed video on your website is to engage and connect with your viewers directly. Utilizing video is a creative way to share your mission statement, provide answers to common questions and promote interest to your audience. By providing a video that is rich with company culture and personality, you leave viewers with a lasting, memorable impression of your business.

Details Your Products

Finally, if you have a new product to offer, just add a “how it works” video to your website to engage your audience. Video’s like this are instructional, interactive and are great for promotion, increasing your search engine results and help to push your website to the top.

There are many successful startup companies in San Diego who utilize embedded video on their company homepage, including Lifeproof, 3DRobotics and TakeLessons. Overall, videos have a huge impact on audience engagement, can add some interest to company profiles,  increase product knowledge, and can help with search engine rankings.

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