How to Produce a Film Part 1

A lot goes into creating a film, documentary, TV show, or any other type of media. It often takes a lot of planning, preparation, a dedicated crew, and some sort of financial backing for it. You have to have a clear vision as well as a definitive knowledge of how you are going to execute and take the idea in your head and turn it into a professional quality film.

This will give you a breakdown of the processes it takes to create a film, and the process from beginning to end. In the past, we have described the process of selling a script to a Hollywood producer, as well as how to get financing for you film. This next series of articles will describe the entire process of writing, directing, and producing a feature length film or documentary. While each unique production is entirely different, when you break it into pre-production, production, and post-production, there are simple steps you can take to oversee the project from beginning to end.

This process works for any type of project, from Hollywood film with a $60 million dollar budget, to an indie film being shot by a college student. This also works with documentaries, commercials, and corporate style videos.

Step 1. Pre-Production.

Pre-Production is the most important part of a production. This is where you lay the ground work for your film and figure out your time frame and budget for the project. This is also where you develop the script, storyboard, AV script, and shooting schedule. You have to organize crew, equipment, on screen talent, locations and food. It will be clear in the pre-production process, when done right, where there may be holes in your script, or where you need to improve things. It is also the time to find the best on-screen talent for your film, as well as the best locations. All of these different things come with a price, so the next article will break down how to go through this process on a very tight budget.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog that will detail the steps necessary to ensure a good pre-production process when starting your film.

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