How to Produce a Live Stream Video

A lot of pressure and production value goes into producing a live streaming video for a client. Multiple things have to work perfectly in order to stream the live HD video to multiple channels all over the world.

Expensive equipment, experienced crew, and a professional set are all paramount in order to produce a live streaming video. Here are a few things to keep in mind while producing a live stream, and what to search for if you are looking for a company to work with. Pixel Productions specializes in working with high profile clients to stream live HD telecasts, teleconferences, speeches, and seminars.

Professional Live Streaming Equipment

A live stream is impossible without the following equipment:

  1. Camera – The most important part of the shoot.
  2. Live switcher – This is a very technical and expensive piece of equipment. Few people have the experience that Pixel Productions does working with this equipment.
  3. Internet – It is important to have enough bandwidth to upload the live stream.
  4. Streaming software – You need a place to host the live stream.
  5. Studio – You need a place to host the live stream that isn’t too noisy.

On top of all of this equipment, there are hundreds of different technical pieces that are required to stream the shoot: Multiple HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, and more. One small mishap can have a profound effect on the shoot.

What can you live stream?

  1. Sports events – Whether it is a local football game or the Super Bowl, all of these events are live streamed. Depending on the scope of the project, some require hundreds of crewmembers to set up
  2. Live Music – Live music venues are now hosting their shows to view online. Whether it is an intimate acoustic concert, or a stadium tour, you can now watch your favorite artist being live streamed.
  1. Teleconference – Sometimes you need to present a live presentation to people all over the world. Rather than having the presenter travel to each location, live streaming equipment allows anyone to speak live to an audience everywhere.
  1. Seminars – With live streaming video technology it is now possible to teach a live audience all across the world. Whether it is a college class or for a certification, these live streaming seminars can help spread knowledge from one location to the rest of the world in a matter of seconds.

While most live streams average about an hour in length, it takes multiple people days in advance to set everything up. Between the equipment set up, the set design, and working with the software, it takes a full production crew to get things right. Be sure to work with a professional company to stream your live event.

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