How To Shoot A Short Film On Your iPhone

Sometimes when you begin your filmmaking journey, you do not always have a lot of money. Many people start off making films by using their phones because it is the only tool they have. With the right creativity, time, and hand-steadiness, creating an iPhone movie can be very easy and a lot of fun! Here are steps you can take to produce a good quality short film in an efficient amount of time.

1. Have an idea of what you want before you start shooting:
Going into a shoot with a storyboard and layout all ready to go is only going to make life easier. Trying to think of shots and ideas on the spot is only going to stress you out more.

2. Make a lot of room for storage on your phone:
Videos take up a lot of space. It is essential to have as much space as possible to make sure that you can have multiple takes and not be worried about running out of storage. You want to be able to focus on your project!

3. Make sure your location does not have a lot of background noise:
This is extremely important. While sometimes outside noise is out of our control, being in a location where sound quality is high will make the film seem more professional. Avoid areas that will have a lot of cars or wind if possible.

4. Make sure to always hold the phone horizontally:
We are trying to make a short film, not a Snapchat story!

5. Have a variety of camera angles and shots:
This will make the film a lot more interesting. Having a lot of different angles will show range as a filmmaker and keep the audience interested.

6. Try your best not to have shaky hands:
It is difficult to not have shaky hands when trying to make a great quality video, but maybe skip the caffeine that morning so that the shots look as smooth as possible.

7. Make sure you change your camera setting to “1080p HD at 60 fps”:
This will result in a higher quality video that will look a lot more professional.

8. Tell your actors to project loudly:
Sound can get muffled when recording on an iPhone, make sure that does not happen and you can hear everything your actors are saying with a lot of clarity.

9. Have fun!
Keeping a positive attitude throughout the entire duration of the project is crucial and will make the experience so much better!

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