Live Video Streaming Basics


Streaming video has becoming a very popular media distribution tactic for presentation and marketing because it allows you to share your talents and opinions without the need to invest a lot of money or time. Sure, you can stream video straight from your computer, but if you’re looking for real production value, multiple cameras, and more, utilizing a video production company that specializes in streaming live video is the way to go.

Live video streaming requires experience. Streaming webcasts, performances, interviews, webinars, and more involves many technical elements, but it all starts with identifying your audience and your needs. One of the first things you’ll have to decide is what streaming service you want to use. Popular ones include Google Hangout, UStream and LiveStream.

What is involved in live streaming?

When filming a live streaming event it is important that the cameramen, director, actors, and technical director be perfectly in sync. Typically the set is in one area, and a control room is in another. Using communication equipment to talk back and forth is the norm. This allowing for quick communication between the talent, director and technical director, all without disturbing the flow of production.

Internet Speeds are Important

Without a properly configured internet connection any live streaming event would come to a halt. It’s important to test the connection wherever the live streaming is happening to make sure the internet has a strong steady connection. Depending on the needs of a project, additional bandwidth can be added temporarily by your internet provider.

Video Streaming Equipment

All live streaming videos require a switch board where the technical director can switch between multiple cameras at ease. One popular piece of equipment is a Tricaster, however more sophisticated (and less sophisticated/expensive) equipment can be utilized depending on the nature of your video streaming needs.


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