Luxury Cinemas: The New Way To Watch Movies

We all enjoy going out to the movies, but what’s even better? Going in style.  Luxury cinemas have been on the rise over the last few years.  But what makes these theaters special? And what keeps visitors coming back? Here are a few reasons why:


While these specialty theaters are going to be more expensive than regular theaters, you definitely get a lot for your money.  You’re probably not going to attend a luxury theater every time you see a movie, so why not treat yourself? The prices are usually around $12-30 dollars depending on the theater.


Luxury cinemas really know how to please their customers.  At these theaters, the seats are comfortable reclining chairs.  Visitors are able to adjust their chair and can decide for themselves how far they want to sit back or upright.  You also get a footrest to rest your legs during the film.  These chairs are quite roomy, which allows you to stretch out or change your position comfortably while still enjoying your movie.


The real reason we go to the movies, right? In addition to the classic movie snacks (Red Vines, popcorn, Coca-Cola, etc.) luxury cinemas have an extensive list of different entrees, snacks, and beverages to order.  These items can range barbecue sliders to kale grilled cheese sandwiches.  You can even get a hot fudge sundae or milkshake for dessert.  A lot of theaters even have alcoholic beverages available as well.


Some of these theaters have servers that will come bring you your items and check up with you throughout your movie.  You are able to order your food and beverages without even leaving the comfort of your recliner!

Next time you’re thinking about going and seeing a movie, go ahead and treat yourself to a luxury cinema experience!

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