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There are numerous film production companies in San Diego, but Pixel Productions stands out among the rest by providing professional quality, high definition film production.

San Diego’s premiere professional film Production Company, Pixel Productions, has worked with clients including the Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, and National Geographic. Pixel Productions employs a full time staff of professional writers, directors, producers, and post-production specialists.

Pixel ProductionsPixel Productions’ facilities feature a 2000 square foot sound stage studio, coved wall white room, cyclorama green screen, and professional audio-recording booth. Pixel Productions uses state of the art cameras, microphones, and lighting kits, and updates its production equipment on a regular basis to keep up with the latest technology trends. Pixel Productions has produced hundreds of projects for clients in the entertainment, medical, technology, and military industries.

One of the main services Pixel Productions provides to companies and clients in San Diego is to write, produce, film, and edit corporate and marketing videos. There are many different types of marketing and corporate videos. Pixel Productions specializes in creating interesting and engaging corporate videos. We combine our creative vision with client’s information to create a professional corporate video that captures the vision and culture of the company while keeping the viewers and audience entertained.

Marketing Videos

San Diego has a huge industry that is reliant on professional, high definition, video production to reach audiences in the masses. They have various marketing needs that need to be met, and Pixel Productions provides Marketing Video production services to help companies grow. There are many different types of marketing videos, and Pixel Productions has experience writing, directing, and editing all types of videos.

Product Videos

Is your company releasing a new product? Are you looking to reach an international audience to broaden your company’s Product Video Productioncustomers and clientele? Pixel Productions has created product videos for technology companies, start up companies, and entertainment companies. We have helped companies launch new products by producing a beautiful, entertaining video. When a company launches a product it is extremely important to create a high quality product video to relay your message to a large audience.

Event Videos

San Diego is known worldwide as a location to host and organize events. The San Diego Convention Center plays host to some of the biggest events in the entertainment, medical, and technology industries. Pixel Productions films and produces videos for large events in San Diego. We have filmed events all over San Diego and edited the footage in our post production suite into beautiful marketing videos for our clients to feature on their websites. Creating an event video is important because it can show new viewers that events can be fun and entertaining, and allows people to become more involved in your cause.

Company Videos

Creating a corporate company video has changed drastically in the past few years. These videos have changed in a way that makes the videos more fast paced and exciting, reaching a different audience and engaging them in what your company has to offer.

Since each company’s client base, message, and services are different, each company video Pixel productions films is vastly different. Some companies are looking for a fast, edgy video, while others are looking for a more informative video. Each project is different and Pixel Productions will work directly with you to send the message you are trying to express.

Testimonial Videos

Professional quality testimonial videos are an important asset to have regarding any type of film production for a company’s website. Testimonial videos, filmed in an interview style, are a great way for consumers to hear about experiences of other people in their shoes, and allow people to get answers to any questions they may have. Testimonial videos are a great feature to be added into company videos, product videos, and any other type of marketing videos.

Interview Videos

IMG_8642Interviews are always an important part of a corporate video. Pixel Productions utilizes camera and lighting techniques to create visually interesting cinematography to change up the way the video is shot to create a unique video. Pixel Productions has a Cyclorama Green Screen in it’s production studio which allows Pixel Productions to shoot and film an interview in the green screen and add a different background in post production. This is a great way to keep costs down by filming interviews in studio and adding an interesting background later.

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Pixel Productions is San Diego’s premier full service video production company offering quality video production services and the most knowledgeable creative team the industry has to offer. We are dedicated to creating a video that fits your vision and exceeds your expectations.