Producing Video for the Bio Tech Industry

San Diego is home of some of the fastest growing Bio Tech Companies in the world. With its proximity to Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, San Diego serves as the perfect location for these companies to use as their office locations. Lets not forget it has the beautiful coast and bustling downtown area to spend all that Bio Tech income! As with any fast growing industries, they need to utilize the equally fast growing film and video industry to create dazzling and jaw dropping videos to showcase what their company offers.

These Bio Tech companies all need videos showcasing their advanced labs, their high tech offices and their innovative technologies. The writers, directors, producers, and editors here at Pixel Productions work with some of the biggest Bio Tech companies in San Diego to help them establish their role as a leader in the innovative industry.

Creating product videos for the innovative inventions allow viewers to learn about new products, as well as help these companies train and teach new employees while minimizing the costs to teach each one individually. Product videos are a beautiful, fun, and interesting way to show off a brand new product to investors, and the world.

Pixel Productions also helps create boilerplate videos for Bio Tech companies to showcase the services, features, benefits, and products a company has to offer. Pixel utilizes the latest film and video technology to highlight the various benefits these companies have to offer. Corporate Videos no longer have to be boring, talking head videos with corny B-Roll shots. Today, we use advanced drones for aerial footage, massive jibs to capture the essence of an entire office complex, and even have the opportunity to film with a helicopter. Pixel Productions understands the quickly changing Bio Tech Video Production scene and adapts to the needs and wants of these high tech companies.

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