The Role of Script Supervisor

script supervisorWe’ve all heard of the director of a film, or the writer, but there are plenty of unsung heroes in the film production world as well. The creation of a film, no matter how intricate, is a team effort. If the role of a script supervisor didn’t exist, creating films would either be extremely difficult, or it simply would not be able to happen.

The most prominent task of the script supervisor during production is to ensure the film contains continuity. He or she is present for each and every shoot and watches very closely to make sure the actors stay in their assigned positions, hair and makeup remains continuous, and all props are replaced back to their initial starting place at the beginning of each new take.

A script supervisor is essentially the liaison between the director and the editor. They must be present for each take and thoroughly mark up the script based on shots the director likes or dislikes. They must be paying close attention every moment while on set and must be very detailed-oriented.

During production, the script supervisor takes on a multitude of important tasks. These range from running slate, timing each take, taking meticulous notes, feeding lines to actors, maintaining continuity, and constructing a daily report at the end of the shooting day.

This is an extremely important role on a film set. The editor is not typically present for the shoot, so the script supervisor needs to ensure that he will be able to do his job in the exact way that the director envisions it. If the script supervisor was not in existence, the film could easily suffer by lacking continuity, pace, and organization behind the scenes.

One of the most famous script supervisors is Ana Maria Quintana. She is best known for her work on Jurassic Park, American Beauty, Saving Private Ryan and Avatar.

By Amy Nordberg


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