San Diego Event Videography

San Diego is a city known for its beautiful beaches, bustling downtown area, and fun events. Filming events can be a fun way to promote your event for future days, as well as capture the look, feel, and atmosphere of the event.

When you are filming an event there are a few things to take into consideration:

1. Are you filming inside or outside? Depending on where you are filming,  you will need to bring different equipment, for instance, if you are filming indoors you may need to bring additional lighting. It will also effect what type of audio recording equipment you are using.

2. What kind of event is it? Is it a small get together or a large corporate outing? Depending on the size of the event, it will effect how many crew and cameras you will want to bring in order to capture all of the night’s activities.

3. What do you want to capture on film? Do you want to focus on people attending the event, or do you want to focus on various vendors? This will make a big difference in post-production if you think about what you want to film.

4. Will you be filming interviews? It is great to include interviews with the people organizing the event, as well as people attending the event. Capturing interviews allows the viewer to feel as though they are at the event and speaking with the person talking to the camera.

5. Who is editing the project? When you film events it is very easy to capture a lot of great footage, but that means more time in post-production. It is better to find out what the client wants to see in the video rather than filming various things. This will save you a lot more time in post-production so that you can turn the video out sooner.

Filming events is a fun and exciting form of video production. Events are usually upbeat and draw a friendly, inviting crowd. They are great ways to show off your productions kills and network with new people and potential clients.

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