San Diego Film Production

San Diego is known for many things in the world; the sunny weather and the beautiful beaches, however few people realize how quickly the San Diego film production industry is growing. Pixel Productions has worked with some of the biggest names in film and media to bring more projects into “America’s best city”. San Diego has been the set location for numerous big budget Hollywood movies including Almost Famous and Anchorman, as well as acts as the backdrop for numerous television shows.

Pixel Productions provides numerous services to serve the community in order to provide the highest quality film production services. We employ San Diego’s best writers, directors, cinematographers, and producers. We also provide all script writing and pre production services, filming, audio recording, and post production to clients. By providing professional quality services to companies and clients throughout San Diego, filmmakers in other cities have started to take notice.

Pixel Productions also works with the San Diego Film Festival, San Diego’s premiere film festival that attracts some of the biggest films in Hollywood, as well as the San Diego Film Bureau to continue to bring new projects to the area. By working with other important figures in San Diego film industry, Pixel Productions has established itself as the premiere film production company in San Diego.

Pixel Productions works with numerous companies in San Diego to provide marketing videos, company videos, corporate videos, and event videography. We also work with musicians in San Diego to provide music video production services. A major part of the success of the San Diego film industry is due to the amount of companies in San Diego needing these professional video production services. They allow for Pixel Productions and other film production companies to create commercial videos to provide them with the additional income needed to build their inventory of professional equipment. Pixel Productions uses the highest quality, high definition cameras, lighting kits, and audio recording equipment for all of its productions.

At Pixel Productions, we continue to push ourselves to create the highest quality film and video in San Diego, as well as upgrading our inventory of film production equipment so we can provide our clients with the very best.

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