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Product photography is growing fast, and is extremely important for a growing company.  Many people find it more convenient to go online shopping instead of waiting in line at the stores. Sites like Ebay and Etsy are getting really popular. People need to see the product they are buying to figure out if it’s the right fit for them. The pictures need to lure people in to want to buy it. If it’s a picture of something you can barely make out, then people definitely won’t know what it is and won’t want to buy it. Good lighting, angles, and white balance are some key points when taking product photography.

You will need a tripod, a remote, at least two lights of the same kind (flashes/ lamps/ other light sources), a gray card (optional), clean bright white poster paper, a light box (optional), white umbrellas, table or workspace, and photo editing software.

Getting the lights right can be tricky. It is easier to use multiple lights rather than just one or two.

Umbrellas also help keep the shadows soft and not so hard. The goal is to cut the whole object evenly illuminated, especially the edges. You want to be able to see the outline clearly.

Your aperture should be maintained at a low number so that you can keep the crisp outline. This is still life; a fast shutter speed isn’t necessary. Lower it as much as you need to in order to get a good exposure, and use a remote or the self-timer to avoid camera shake. Do take note that, at this aperture, the background’s inherent flaws – for example, creases in the paper backdrop – may stand out too much. If you’re doing this for fun or to sell an item of yours, the DOF isn’t that crucial. Choose an aperture that appeals to you the best.

Marketing-wise: consider leaving some space on either above, left or right; ad agencies, magazines and other buyers of stock images like room for text.

Staging is important. Clean whatever item you’re photographing – dusty or dirty objects aren’t particularly attractive.

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