Simple Photography Hacks

In order to create the perfect photos, sometimes a lot of gear is required.  That gear gear can be bulky and get pretty expensive; some items alone might be a couple thousand dollars! Here are just a few ways to create some photography magic without burning a hole in your pocket:

  1. Use a plastic grocery bag as a soft box – If you don’t want to carry around a soft box on your photo shoot, you can get a similar effect by putting a plastic grocery bag over your flash on your camera!
  1. Stocking for a soft focus effect –By simply taking a sheer stocking and securing it over your lens with a rubber band, you can create a beautiful soft focus for a soft, vintage feel.
  1. Bokeh effects with black construction paper – Bokeh effects make different areas of an image appear blurry, sometimes with an out of focus shape.  This effect can be achieved by cutting out the shape you want the effect to be in with construction paper and taping the paper on the camera lens.

  1. Rope light to create soft, face light in dark places – If you are shooting at night and need a soft light source to give a soft glow to your subject, look no further than a simple rope light.  These lights are flexible and have the ability to be manipulated for the perfect effect.

5. Pringles can as a macro diffuser – If you want beautiful lighting on your subject, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a diffuser, look no further than a can of Pringles. By cutting the can and shaping it to fit your flash, you can create a stable, reliable diffuser!

6. Car sun shade as a reflector – Having some trouble with a pesky shadow on your subject? Or maybe you want your subject to be highlighted more? You can use a car sun shade as a reflector to help correct this issue! Just make sure you bring a helper to help assist you with this in order to create the perfect shot.

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