SketchUp 3D Modeling

Trimble SketchUp, World Renowned 3D Modeling Tool

SketchUP is a 3D modeling program used by millions of people worldwide. Sketchup allows you to design and build basically anything imaginable. Drawing out building structures, creating new and unique furniture, expanding on your interior design space or laying out your new landscape design becomes instantly effortless with SketchUp.

For Production Designers in the Film Industry, SketchUp is widely used as one of the top design tools for building sets. SketchUp allows the Production Designer to develop a visual language between all members of the Film Production, which includes but is not limited to the Director, Producer, Director of Photography and/or Visionary of the production, and allows all parties to communicate how the set will be designed and displays what the set will look like for everyone to see and comment on. From constructing the set, to painting the walls and adding textures, to set dressing including adding 3D  furniture, wall art, lamps, doors, windows, etc., SketchUp will bring your story and concept for design to life.

SketchUp is a great 3D Architectural tool to help you design and build your next video production set!

You can build your own unique models from scratch or import models from the Trimble 3D Warehouse. The learning curve for SketchUp is quite pleasant due to the fact that there are dozens of video tutorials, an extensive Help Center and a worldwide user community available to help you any time.

How do you get started?

Step 1: Download the Free Version of Timble SketchUp from Google
or Click this Link

Step 2: Install the program onto your hard drive.

Step 3: View Video Tutorials and follow along with step by step instructions. There is also an option to download these videos so you can watch them any time!

A) New to Sketch Up (28 Videos available)   click here   

B) Familiar with Sketch Up (10 Videos) click here

C) Expert in SketchUp  (4 Videos) click here

D) Create Models for Google Earth (14 Video) click here

E) Create Presentations with Lay Out click here

Step 4: Sketch up any design to your hearts content!

SketchUp is a free software program that you can download but there is a Pro Version available once you become an expert. Using the SketchUp Pro Version will cost you $495 but it is packed with many powerful tools to help you design professionally.  For example, SketchUp Pro will allow you to fully design your 3D production set models including the added ability to choose from different camera lens and angles to set and play back scenes which will help create accurate storyboards that will reflect exactly what coverage the camera will see during any given scene from the script, making pre-production and production a breeze.

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