The Magic of Green Screen

Green-Screen1Pixel Productions is home to one of the largest green screen cyclorama walls in the city of San Diego. It is 15 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 9 feet high. Pixel Production’s green screen has been used for countless projects, allowing filmmakers, directors and actors to act out a scene in San Diego, and set the scene to anywhere in the world through the magic of post-production.


Utilizing a green screen for a production is a very useful and beneficial tool. Benefits include:
  1. Controlling your environment. The green screen allows you to adjust lighting more effectively. You aren’t relying on (or fighting) the sun or other outside light sources.
  2. There are no outside intrusions. Shooting on location means you have to work with other people in the area. There can also be sound intrusions. Sometimes you may get to a location and there is construction, or a lot of people walking by. Shooting on a green screen takes away the possibility of that.
  3. Shoot any time of day. Need to film a night scene? No problem. How about a day scene right after? With the green screen, you can adjust the lighting to match the time in the video without having to wait for the sun to set.
  4. Avoid costly permits. Shooting on location means you need to get permits. When you are filming on the green screen, you save time and money by avoiding them all together.
  5. Flexibility. Pixel Productions’ green screen allows you to shoot nearly any type of scene you are looking for, including full body scenes and close ups.

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