Top 4 Studio Safety Tips For Film Industry Success

Utilizing a video production studio like Pixel Productions is beneficial in creating industry standard and award winning content. Instant access to equipment and lighting, the ability to build and dress sets and use green screen technology are all tools that make your video stand out among the competition. But to truly make your video a success in the market, it must first be a success on set. Whether you’re in studio or on location, knowledge of Set Safety will allow you to harmoniously work quickly and efficiently in conjunction with other crew members, ensuring that the shoot is a success! Here are a few tips to get you started.

Safety tip 1: Remember to protect your feet! Moving around on set comfortably, with closed toed shoes is a must. Never show up to set with flip flops or heels, unless you are talent and your wardrobe requires such. On set, you want to be mobile and ready for action. Having sturdy, closed toed shoes gives you a solid foundation and the confidence to move around quickly.

Safety tip 2: To be part of a film crew you must dress the part. Stick to comfortable, dark, non-descriptive clothing. This allows you to blend into the set and not be a distraction, especially to the actors. If you come to set with a bright patterned shirt and bold blue pants for example, the loud colors will easily catch the eye of talent, breaking their focus during filming. Save the designer cloths for the after party and dress down to blend in with the crew. Also, avoid lose clothing, dresses, shirts and fabrics that make noise. Basically, you want to become invisible on set so you can handle your responsibilities without bringing attention to yourself.

Safety tip 3: Come to set on time and ready to work. That includes equipping yourself with useful tools that can assist the production in every department. Standard helpful items on set include: a LED flashlight, multi-tool kit, pen and small note pad, gaffers tape, scissors, small hammer and nails, and a pair of heat resistant gloves. If you are a Production Assistant and are unsure of what tools to bring to set, just check with the Assistant Director or Producer the day before you crew and they will help you out.

Safety tip 4: Lifting heavy equipment is standard in this industry. Protect your body when lifting heavy items by bending with the knees and pushing up with the legs. Sand Bags, C-Stands and Lights are examples of equipment you will lift often, so develop your strength now and practice lifting these items as if they were hand weights at the gym. Physically moving video equipment is part of your responsibility so have fun developing new muscles. Check out our Studio Safety Video for detailed information and examples.

These are just a few studio safety tips that will greatly improve your experience on set and boost the overall performance of your production. Always remember, safety is number one on set, so treat it with respect.

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