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camera_lens_by_jollypop2008-d32tntmVideo Marketing is the new and best way to reach not only the largest audience, but also the largest number of an active audience. Looking at trends it isn’t hard to see why. People love videos because in this technological age, patience is not as present in consumer minds as it was once. Videos also give you a way to present material in a new and innovative way that a body of text just can’t do.

That explains why more people are watching videos, but why are more people active about this type of marketing than past strategies? Videos are a way to connect in a way that has not been possible in any other type of text, photo or advertisement before. With a video done right, consumer engagement is increased and this in turn increases click-throughs  and traffic for websites, sometimes as much as a 96.38% increase. (Source:

Results on many search engines, such as Google, are also increasing videos in their keyword searches now as well. And with a creative video, there is always that off chance that it goes viral!

One other advantage of video marketing that really attracts consumers is the way a video can create an in-store experience right on the screen. With videos, products can be demonstrated in detail, which is one of the greatest reasons people are skeptical of online shopping. The videos can also answer questions that people have like “How does the product look in real life?” or the biggest question “How does it work?”

Videos are fun! One of the biggest things that any company can utilize is the fun factor that a video can bring. With those creative ideas, a video can be created that injects the message into consumers’ heads in a humorous and endearing way. There are far fewer limits with what you can do in a video.

Social media is evolving and redefining marketing and video marketing is something you really cannot afford to skip out on nowadays. Remember to strategically position your company and create videos that complement your marketing strategy!

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