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When a company effectively use video marketing to their advantage, it can have an astounding effect on spreading your brand, educating customers, and bringing in new clients. Video Marketing is a very broad area to get into, and a lot of business owners are not sure where to start. A lot of companies tend to hire out freelance people to come in and do their video production for them, which can be a big mistake. Producing a video is a reflection of your company, and a low budget, poor quality video can actually have a negative impact on your perceived image.

Pixel Productions specializes in producing network and broadcast quality commercials, product videos, marketing videos, and crowd funding videos. We work with high profile clients through the entire process of film producing. Starting with a concept, we will take that and go through the script development, location scouting, talent scouting, and principal photography phases of a project until each client is provided with a professionally crafted video to help build a company’s online video presence.

Many studies have gone into the effectiveness of a video marketing campaign, and there is solid proof that a professional quality video will increase your chances of making a sale or finding new clients. A key thing to remember is that with the amount of advertising people are exposed to everyday, if a video does not catch the viewers attention immediately, they will most likely not move forward with the company.

A good video has to be professional quality, interesting, and grab the viewers attention immediately. Pixel Productions specializes in creating these exact kinds of videos to help you market your company or product.

There are multiple types of videos involved with video marketing. There are testimonial videos, commercials, marketing videos, advertisements, product videos, and overall company videos. Pixel specializes in high quality video production by learning about what you are looking to get across in the video, and the viewer you are trying to reach.

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Pixel Productions is San Diego’s premier full service video production company offering quality video production services and the most knowledgeable creative team the industry has to offer. We are dedicated to creating a video that fits your vision and exceeds your expectations.