Videos Attract More Website Traffic & Leads

A study from Marketing Sherpa was just released that says “videos attract 300% more traffic and nurture leads.”  This got us thinking more about the use of video in marketing, sales and overall business growth.

When it comes to marketing a product or service a sales video is extremely helpful, especially if your product or service is highly technical or confusing for the average business prospect.

Instead of publishing whitepapers, webinars or analysis, more businesses than ever are turning to short, 3-5 minute videos that explain a product, service, or element of business.

The study was based on information from Attivio, a company that sells enterprise search and unified information access solutions. Attivo found that publishing videos helped build website traffic, nurture leads, and train employees. Site traffic also spiked after the company started regularly posting videos. Attivio’s site now receives about 200% to 300% more monthly unique visitors and 100% longer average time-on-site per visitor.

Website visitors spend twice as much time on pages with videos compared to text-only pages (3 minutes compared to 1.5 minutes)

In order to see similar results, Pixel Productions can recommend a similar tactic for your business. For personalized recommendations, contact us or call today!

Create Multiple Videos

Create a variety of videos. Do you need to show products and features? Are you training someone to use the product? Are you explaining a promotion or showing testimonials?

All videos should attract your audience while engaging and nurturing leads.

Present Videos Independently

Depending on the video and your goals, different presentation tactics can be used. For example, basic demonstration videos are more likely to appeal to prospects at the top of the conversion funnel, as opposed to training or specialized videos.

Consider creating a separate landing page or conversion page for each of these videos. Consider the goal for each video and optimize each opportunity to convert.

Reduce Costs with Efficiency

Rather than relying on Mr. Jim Marketer to script, produce and edit  your video, it can be highly beneficial to bring in outside resources. With a team like Pixel Productions, you can create effective videos in HD at a comparable cost to doing it yourself.

Consider the cost to buy HD cameras, then add in the time you’ll spend training yourself and your team how to use them. How much time a week will you spend filming, importing, editing, and posting online? Wouldn’t it be more effective to have your marketing team nurturing leads and bringing in new business?

Leave the filming to professionals. Pixel Productions can script, shoot, edit, and publish videos quickly and at a low cost. But how? We’re glad you asked…

We can film all the videos at once with the same production team. By scripting, filming and editing all at once, you’ll have all the videos you need for months.

We can also shoot on-site or in our studio using our green screen or a constructed set. It’s all up to you.

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