Why Everyone Needs the Adobe Creative Cloud

Many people starting out in production ask, “where do I begin?”  Getting started can be scary, but this set of applications can make you feel like a professional in no time.  The Adobe Creative Cloud is an essential for anyone looking into getting into video production, photography, graphic design, and many other fields.  Here are a few reasons why everyone needs this fantastic creative suite:

  1. You get your money’s worth:

Even though $49.99 ($19.99 for students) a month seems steep for editing software, at the end of the day you are getting 9 different applications for that much.  Premiere Pro alone is $799.99, and you get 8 additional applications on top of that.

  1. You can download and uninstall applications as you please:

We all know the struggle of worrying about whether or not we have enough storage on our computer to download certain items.  The good thing about the Creative Cloud is that you can download the applications that you need at the time you want them.  If you only wanted the Creative Cloud of Photoshop and After Effects, then you have the option to only download those 2 applications and then download more later on if you want.

  1.  It teaches you a special set of skills:

Having the knowledge of how to use the Creative Cloud under your belt can benefit you tremendously, especially in the professional world.  Having the ability to say that you are proficient in any of the Adobe applications, let alone all of them, is a huge advantage.

  1.  You can always learn more:

Looking at all the software at once without knowing exactly how to use it can be very overwhelming.  Luckily, Adobe itself and other users have made videos on how to use these applications. Once you have learned about how to work the Creative Cloud, you can improve your skills more and more until you are a professional.  Adobe is always updating their software, so there is always room for self improvement and more exciting projects!

     5.  It is so much fun!

Having fun is always a bonus with anything we do, but it is so wonderful to be able to play around with different tools and let your creative juices flow.  Whether you are in a professional work environment, or just using it in your free time, everyone can have a great time using this bundle.

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