Why video production value matters

Technology is always on the rise. Before the emergence of smart phones, iPads, and HD TV, video production value had never been as crucial as it is now. Consumers are constantly looking to buy the “next big thing” to increase their user experience.

All of this new technology makes it extremely easy for consumers to stream videos on their phones or iPads wherever they go. Mobile devices, especially, are getting more and more advanced every year. This means higher resolutions for video streaming. With the right video equipment and production, your video can look great even on a mobile device.

quality video

According to comScore in December 2011, the U.S. internet audience watched a total of 43.5 billion videos. As the average number of videos viewed consistently increases, viewer expectations are rising as well. Most viewers have now adapted to high standards and expect the best quality in online videos. Quality video production is so important in ensuring the longevity of a video.

Video production value is also a huge part of expressing the content in a video. Production value can help provide more focus on a video’s content and leave a bigger impact on the viewer. When a video is creative, strategic, and well-made, not only is it more appealing, but it also has higher credibility.

Lastly, your video is a representation of your business. Consumers will associate your video to your company; therefore, you want it to look professional because it makes your company look professional.

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