Why you need video for your business

If you are here, then it is quite possible you are looking for some sort of video solution for your company. If you are still questioning how important video is or if you really need it, the answer is YES! Let me explain…

Have you walked into a phone store lately and seen the rows of shiny new smart phones? Well, they are there all waiting to walk out with the next person who can’t live without on demand everything in the palm of their hand. These new phones are coming out with bigger and sharper color displays every day and it is important because people love video. Newspapers all over the country are slowly moving online and abandoning their paper production because people are attracted to online versions with embedded video and easily navigated links.

Film has power. That person viewing your corporate video doesn’t need to be a strong reader, doesn’t have to have the time to sit down and read your thoroughly communicated ideas, and doesn’t have to try to infer any of the details you are explaining. In a short film you can show that person exactly what your company stands for. You can explain to them as if you were standing right in front of them. You can make it personal. People of the world are increasingly multi-tasking, instead of offering them a document they can skim, give them a succinct film they will be excited to watch.

Video can also be a very attractive solution for training videos. It is incredibly important when bringing in new employees that they are trained consistently, especially when there are large amounts of information being passed around. Instead of being told how to perform a certain task they can watch as the star of your video shows them exactly. And while you can’t train your customers you can provide them with step by step videos on how to navigate your product, because we all know it is much easier to find something when you are shown instead of told.

So, next time someone is sitting in the corner of Starbucks watching a video on their smart phone, just think they could be using that quick moment waiting for their coffee learning about what your company has to offer. To learn more about this quick and tangible marketing strategy contact us here at Pixel Productions in San Diego, California.

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