Broadcast TV

Infomercials & Commercials

Producing video for a commercial on broadcast television is very different than other video presentations. Not only do you need to present the information in a compelling format, but the video must be presented to the television station in a specific format to be considered. PXL Video Productions is experienced in all broadcast TV mediums.

As experienced professionals in video production and marketing we understand the importance of fully understanding who your target audience is, what your unique selling proposition is, and your brand identity. By understanding your company and your product we will be able to determine how to position your product or service, in-turn producing an impactful and persuasive infomercial or commercial.

Documentary Videos

Documentaries can be used to inform, explore, express, or to simply entertain. A documentary typically focuses on something of great importance and relevance to the viewer including educational and social topics or persons and places of interest. The purpose of a documentary is to capture reality and tell a story.

We have the knowledge and experience to produce this unique type of video. We carefully select and arrange the right scenes and insert voice-over commentary or text-streaming if necessary. However you want to convey your message we’ll be sure to add special tactics so that your audience connects to your story.



Pixel Productions San Diego
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