Corporate Video

Conferences & Seminars

Professional video is an impactful way to make corporate seminars or conferences much more effective. By using a video system not only will you engage your attendees, but you can also follow up with a video of the seminar itself for them to purchase or keep. Why not preserve the experience for those who couldn’t attend or those who did attend and want a keepsake?

Tradeshow & Convention Videos

When people are passing by your booth how do you capture their attention AND hold on to it?  Having video support to assist the corporate presentation makes it much more impactful, creates a visually stimulating way to grab people’s attention and encourages them to learn more about your company. You can even have video to distribute to make a lasting impression on your audience.

Corporate Profiles

Nothing is more impactful than professionally presented high-definition video to present your company. Showcase corporate management, officers and staff and put your business ahead of your competition.

Promotional Video

Promo videos can be used to promote a new restaurant, your new business, or even your newest cookie recipe. Video is an important element in your promotional efforts and we know how to produce and market it to make sure it reaches your intended audience.

PowerPoint/Prezi Presentations with Speaker Support

Most PowerPoint presentations don’t have video support, which can make them less impactful. Create an eye catching Power Point presentation with click through, voice over, and other types of media. You will steal the show.

Investor Relations Videos

Often times at a stockholder or board of directors meeting, people have to give various reports on the company’s performance. Depending on how the meeting is structured it can be motivational, strategic, or simply stating facts and numbers. Whatever the presentation is about, having a presentation video is a great way to turn a humdrum meeting into an effective and impactful discussion.

Recruiting Videos

Having an eye catching recruiting video is one of the best ways to present your company. Showcase the culture of your organization and explain the reasons why someone would want to work for your company.

Biotech Videos

major challenge for most biotech companies is explaining their product/process in a way that is engaging. By immersing ourselves into your product we can write an effective and impactful script that is not only engaging but communicates the message you want your audience to understand.

Green Screen Videos

Our pre-lit green screen studio is perfect for clients needing the flexibility to insert unique, custom designed, exciting backgrounds. It is perfect for those who want to shoot a desired location, but may not be able to financially go there. Pixel Productions has the technological knowledge to produce a green screen video and our crew only uses the best equipment to create the cleanest green screen effects. With green screens the possibilities are endless.



Product Video Production


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