Live Video Streaming

Over the past few years, live streaming video has become a very important tactic because it allows you to share your talents and opinions without the need to invest a lot of money or time.

Any amateur can pick up their cell phone and live stream a video to Facebook or YouTube (among others), but professional live streaming requires experience – especially if you’re interested in streaming a live event, producing a multi-camera switched shoot, or are broadcasting a private presentation.

Pixel Productions has vast experience with webcasting, streaming live performances, interviews, webinars, and more. We understand the many technical elements involved in live streaming.

Pixel Productions will work closely with your team to produce a live streaming video that you can distribute through any medium. We have experience with some of the top video streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Livestream, UStream and many others.


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We’ve worked with many leading San Diego and California based companies, including:

Live Streaming Requirements

When filming a live streaming event it is critically important that the cameramen, director, actors, and technical director be perfectly in sync. The Pixel Productions studio is ideal for live streaming events because our large studio has reliable and fast bandwidth, and can accommodate most sets including crew and talent.

A separate control room is closed off from the set, allowing for quick communication between the talent, director and technical director, all without disturbing the flow of production.

Internet Speed Requirements for Live Streaming

Live Streaming requires reliable internet and high speeds. Internet speeds at Pixel Productions’ studios are tested and have proven to work across multiple platforms. Depending on the needs of a client project, additional bandwidth can be added, ensuring that the connection is steady and strong for the duration of the production.

Filming on-location? We can arrange internet for you, or can coordinate with your facility to ensure internet speeds meet necessary standards.

Live Streaming Equipment

Nearly all live streamed videos require a switcher and/or encoder where the technical director can switch between multiple cameras, display graphics, PowerPoint slides, and insert pre-recorded video at ease. A variety of specialized equipment can be utilized depending on the nature of your video streaming needs.

Pixel Productions is San Diego’s premier full service video production company offering quality video production services and the most knowledgeable creative team the industry has to offer. We are dedicated to creating a video that fits your vision and exceeds your expectations.