Additional Video Production Services


Pixel Productions is truly a production powerhouse. Combine that with the talent and skills of our our creative professionals, and the possibilities become unmeasurable.

Pixel Productions is prepared to produce or facilitate any production in any phase – be it pre-production, production or post production. ┬áHere are just some ways in which Pixel Productions can advance your next production:

Rental of Meeting Spaces

Conference Room

Seats 6 comfortably

Ideal for holding development meetings

Ideal for holding read throughs

Ideal for holding casting calls

Convenient parking

Complimentary coffee and wifi

Green Room

Seats 9 – 12 comfortably

Ideal for holding development meetings

Ideal for craft services area during production

Ideal for production down time

Subdivision with curtain partition for makeup and dressing rooms

Balcony room with windows overlooking production area


Concept Development and Scripting

Concept or vision is developed

Budget and plausibility are taken into account

Script is written with opportunity for multiple revisions

Voice Over/Music Recording

Sound Booth

360┬░ foam-baffled sound recording room

Sound Engineer oversees recording

Sound is optimized and edited for you.


Everything Post Production

Editing a project from raw files

Re-editting and clean-up editing

Music and sound engineering


Color Grading and Color Correction

Set Development

Set Design and Construction

Digital set design

Set walls construction, prepped for set dressing

Complimentary set dressing from our prop room (if set is in Pixel Studio).

Pre-built flat rental with white primer

Equipment Rental


Grip and Gaff



Pixel Productions San Diego
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