Video Production Services


It is critical that we immerse ourselves in your project by sitting with key personnel to understand clearly what the strategic, creative, and ultimate objectives are in order to accomplish your intended goal. Are you shooting a video for your business? For YouTube? Do you want to film a documentary or a music video? We can help! Our team of expert producers and creative directors will ask you all the questions necessary to develop the project from the ground up. After all, you will never have a solid end-product without a solid foundation. That’s what pre-production is all about.

Writing a Script

Do you have a script already developed? No problem! We’ll review your script and make sure all elements are included for the best video possible. Have an idea, but no script? After we understand your business and/or creative objectives we will write the script, reviewing it with you every step of the way to make sure that it is exactly what you want. Once the scripting and storyboards are approved, our team of professionals will start film production.

San Diego Video Production

Pixel Productions San Diego can shoot your video segment at our studio facility or on-location. Depending on the size of the project, we shoot with multiple HD video cameras and utilize high quality sound and lighting equipment. Each of our clients have access to our 2,000 sq. ft. studio space, including green screen cyclorama wall. The studio is equipped with all the amenities: dressing room, work area, green screen, sound stage, kitchen area, lounge, and office space so you can get business done.


After your video shoot, our post-production team gets to work. Our experienced editors come in and do what they do best; they create a clean, tight, and crisp video to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for corporate video, web video, training/sales video, or promotional content we will get the job done quickly and with the best results in the industry.



 Additional Video Production Services

Rental of Meeting Spaces

Conference Room

Seats 6 comfortably Ideal for holding development meetings Ideal for holding read throughs Ideal for holding casting calls Convenient parking Complimentary coffee and wifi

Green Room

Seats 9 – 12 comfortably Ideal for holding development meetings Ideal for craft services area during production Ideal for production down time Subdivision with curtain partition for makeup and dressing rooms Balcony room with windows overlooking production area

Live Streaming

Live video streaming requires experience, and that’s what you get with Pixel Productions. Webcasting, streaming performances, interviews, webinars, and more involves many technical elements, but it all starts with identifying your audience and your needs.

Pixel Productions will work closely with your video team to produce  a live video stream that you can distribute online through any medium. We have experience with some of the top video streaming platforms like Google Hangout, UStream and LiveStream. 


Concept Development and Scripting Concept or vision is developed Budget and plausibility are taken into account Script is written with opportunity for multiple revisions

Voice Over/Music Recording

Sound Booth

360° foam-baffled sound recording room Sound Engineer oversees recording Sound is optimized and edited for you.


Everything Post Production

Editing a project from raw files Re-editting and clean-up editing Music and sound engineering Graphics Color Grading and Color Correction

Set Development

Set Design and Construction Digital set design Set walls construction, prepped for set dressing Complimentary set dressing from our prop room (if set is in Pixel Studio). Pre-built flat rental with white primer

Equipment Rental

Cameras Grip and Gaff Sound Lighting

Pixel Productions San Diego
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