Video Studio Rentals

a variety of video studios to meet your needs

Studio Features

Studios come with a variety of accommodations. If you have a particular need, we’re happy to assist.

Flexible Scheduling

Half or Full day rentals available 7 days a week.

Green Room & Lounge

Enjoy a separate area for talent, hair and makeup, and more.


Coffee, a mini fridge, and a small kitchen area is at your disposal. Need catering? We can provide that too.

Studio Manager

A Studio Manager is always on site to assist your team and answer questions.

High Speed Internet

Studios offer WiFi and dedicated high speed bandwidth, perfect for live streaming.


C-Stands, sandbags, lighting, cameras, lenses, and everything in between. We can supply and setup any equipment you need.

Get a Quote! Call for details and pricing on studio space.


[st_mini_service_box st_mini_service_box_image=”11152″ st_mini_service_box_icon=”Defaults-angle-double-right” st_mini_service_box_title=”Large Sound Stage” st_mini_service_box_desc=”Our main studio is a large sound-proof sound stage, perfect for most productions.”]
[st_mini_service_box st_mini_service_box_image=”11144″ st_mini_service_box_icon=”Defaults-angle-double-right” st_mini_service_box_title=”News Desk Set” st_mini_service_box_desc=”Built in news desk – great for live streaming, educational and news content.”]
[st_mini_service_box st_mini_service_box_image=”11146″ st_mini_service_box_icon=”Defaults-angle-double-right” st_mini_service_box_title=”Variety of Backdrops” st_mini_service_box_desc=”Colored backdrops and green screen are ideal for many situations, from interviews to social media videos. Custom lighting packages also available.”]


we have a studio to meet your needs
[st_mini_service_box st_mini_service_box_image=”11318″ st_mini_service_box_icon=”Defaults-angle-double-right” st_mini_service_box_title=”Green Screen Setup” st_mini_service_box_desc=”A green screen can be utilized in any studio. Cyc wall studio available on request.”]
[st_mini_service_box st_mini_service_box_image=”11151″ st_mini_service_box_icon=”Defaults-angle-double-right” st_mini_service_box_title=”Set Design & Construction” st_mini_service_box_desc=”Our team will design and build a set for your next video.”]
[st_mini_service_box st_mini_service_box_image=”11156″ st_mini_service_box_icon=”Defaults-angle-double-right” st_mini_service_box_title=”Equipment Rental” st_mini_service_box_desc=”Pixel Productions can supply a large variety of equipment for your next shoot. Setup is included.”]
Pixel Productions is San Diego’s premier full service video production company offering quality video production services and the most knowledgeable creative team the industry has to offer. We are dedicated to creating a video that fits your vision and exceeds your expectations.